ISBN 978-84-937217-5-6
DL J-990-2009
2nd Edition. 15x21 cm.
158 pages. Color illustrations.
Sales price: 16,00 €

Author: AGUILAR, Paco

“A humorous trip throughout the daily life of the author as ambassador of the rights for disabled people”

Opening a book is almost always a way to start escaping; In literature, as in life, to flee from uprooting is to settle in different countries through which time is taking us. In these stories that the reader is dealing with, there are at least two shared friendly places, those two forms of nation that are childhood and the word, thanks to which we can say Greek and bathe many times in the same river. My lifelong friendship, which coincidentally began a few years ago, with the author of this book will let me be a guide that will give you the way to a gallery of characters, an album of friendships and places where they have been letting him stretch his wheel. Matters collected with rigor and affection to rescue them from that form of forgetfulness that is accommodating with excessive zeal to new times. I will anticipate that when I close this book there is a common smile, the feeling of having lived for more than fifty years without knowing how old I am, the conviction that returning to regain the good will give us a better future. One is not born without a tax on Calle Feria, in Seville, on occasions like this, chance becomes a design and whatever the compromise, the ending is always happy. That is why Paco Aguilar from the pole position of his home street continues to remember over the years the obligation to be good and be happy ... And he remembers it after the turns of life have placed him on his ultra-light scooter , a strategist who directs sitting down. Paco Aguilar, ambassador in pectore in the defense of the rights of people with disabilities from the aesthetics of his limp, or from the multiple hustle and bustle caused by sclerosis, reminds him daily that there is life from the chair, in this case intelligent. That is why in this book it is allowed to remember without nostalgia and to nominate without prejudice. I am convinced that disability is better if the path is forward, and I assure that the chair is another form of principle, a new starting point. This is how it is understood in these pages and this is how it is transmitted, naturally, and without being politically correct.

15 x 21 cm
In color
Legal deposit

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