War and enterprise
ISBN: 978-84-938222-7-9
Rustic. 15 x 21 cm
134 pages
Sales price: 12,50 €


"War and Company", different words for the same concept, because the daily life of a company has all the characteristics of a war where the enemy general is the commercial competitor. And this is not new, it has always happened, in the same way that the fight for survival between the different species or the fight for reproduction in each one of them is a war. Wars are declared (manifested with words) or provoked (stimulated with words to get angry) between men with the same intention as deer with bellowing. All the great classical wars have had an enormous commercial component in their origin, from those of Rome and Carthage to the present day. With this book, Garrido bequeaths us a select collection of schematic summaries of the nine great wars of the last seven centuries that easily place the reader in the context of each historical situation. Later he comments on them in relation to the business world and finally interprets them in accordance with his solid Christian morals. Today's world is a reflection of our will, and what we criticize today is what we sowed yesterday. Few people realize that with their daily walk they mark a furrow that in the long run will force them to follow a path that they themselves have marked and that they will hardly know how to straighten out. It is important to stop for a moment and think, and give an opinion, about the current situation and what has caused us to find ourselves in it, if only to advise others what perhaps at some point we have missed that they have not advised us to we. The aim of this book is to provide ideas and comments that will not leave the reader indifferent ... whoever dares to scrutinize them ... and I think that there is its value ... it may or may not agree with the assertions that They are cited, with the examples that are related, but in the end it is always intended that he take sides in a certain position ... impossible to stay in the middle, because this would cause an intellectual problem that he tries to be consistent with his thinking and knowing ...

15 x 21 cm

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