ISBN 978-84-937217-6-3
DL J-1502-2010
2nd Edition. 15x21 cm. With flaps.
356 pages.
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Author: Susana Herrera

"A heart without border". Copyrights for the project of the Brothers of the White Cross.

"But in that Tangier and now in Algeciras, every day they extended their hands of charity, of help, of welcoming, of hugging the needy. Isidoro Macías, Cruz Blanca's brother, tried to unite us all, Christians , Muslims, Jews, and he made us feel, not only the obligation to help the weak, but to share something as important as the feeling of a universal brotherhood, which does not know of distinctions, nor of what it can separate..."

Susana Herrera appears in the pages of this book to a literary challenge of complicated invoice. The author faces the challenge of tracing the most notable features of a vast personality, that of Isidoro Macías, better known as Father Pateras. A controversial and disputed character according to some, radical and exemplary according to most. A reference, in short, of the charitable and social action of the Catholic Church towards immigrants who, in a trickle that is often stained with death, cross the Strait in the hope of a better future.

For this, Herrera shares with the religious days of work and dedication at the house of the Franciscan Institute of Cruz Blanca in Algeciras (Cádiz). Work accompanied by reflections, prayers, confidences and memories not exempt from a certain nostalgia when names come to light that have been key in the biography of this religious from Huelva.

"European hero" for Time magazine, the years that Father Pateras has spent helping others in the name of God, are the best proof that there are solutions from the heart for the needs and problems that beset man today.

15x21 cm
Legal deposit

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