Juan Antonio Macías Amoretti

Juan Antonio Macías Amoretti (Cádiz, 1979) he is a European Doctor in Arab and Islamic Studies from the University of Granada (2007). Arabist and researcher, he has been a member of the research group Contemporary Arab Studies of said university since 2002. He has been a visiting researcher at the Ibn Zohr universities in Agadir (Morocco) and Moulay Ismail de Meknés (Morocco), as well as at the Rey Abdel Aziz Foundation Al Saud of Islamic Studies in Casablanca (Morocco) and in the Middle East Center of the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). His main lines of research are contemporary Arab political thought and the ideological development of political Islam in Morocco. He is currently a researcher at the Department of Semitic Studies at the University of Granada, where he has been teaching the subjects of Arab Civilization and Islamology.

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